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Behringer EP 2500

Power to Spare
You get enough real-world Watts to get you through the most demanding gigs: 2 x 1,200 Watts into 2 Ohms, or 2,400 Watts into 4 Ohms bridged mono operation. And EP1500’s high-current capacity means you won’t have to worry about running out of juice, even when the party reaches a crescendo. EUROPOWER always has your back.
Power Amp Misconception #1:
When it comes to audio amplification, most people think that if one hundred Watts is loud, then 200 Watts must be twice as loud—wrong! For volume to be perceived as twice as loud, you’d need ten times the output power and one heckuva lotta loudspeakers. What you do get when you up the output power is headroom, which means cleaner, punchier sound, without pushing your gear to the point of failure. As an added bonus, you get significantly better loudspeaker performance.
Power Amp Misconception #2:
“If I use too big a power amp, I’ll blow my speakers.” Most high-quality loudspeakers (including ours) are capable of handling lots of power and employ special protective circuitry in their crossover networks. While it is possible to “blow” a low-quality speaker by severely overpowering it, the most common speaker failure is typically due to driving an underpowered amplifier into clipping distortion. This type of distortion is every loudspeaker’s worst enemy—our ultra-clean EUROPOWER amps are the solution.
Built to Stand the Test of Time
Each road-rugged steel chassis houses a massive power supply with a low-noise, toroidal transformer, huge storage capacitors and an extremely effective cooling system. Independent DC and thermal overload detection circuitry automatically protects both the amplifier and your speakers. Further underscoring our commitment to excellence, we use only the finest, high-speed Fairchild and Toshiba transistors known the world over for their fast slew rates and reliability. You can rest assured that these tough, reliable amps are built to last and last

Onboard Tools Help You Get the Job Done Right
Valuable built-in tools for operators include: independent limiters on each channel for reliable protection against distortion, precision signal and clipping LED indicators, so you always know true signal levels, and selectable low-frequency filters (30 Hz or 50 Hz), to remove power-robbing infrasonic frequencies.
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